My degree is in art history, that concentration that usually ranks high on “Top 10 Worthless Majors” lists. My focus was on architectural theory… The history of the suburb, architectures of control, the Panopticon, Le Corbusier, Blade Runner, Bauhaus…

One particular interest of mine is parkour. There’s currently not a lot of academic literature out there on it. So I basically crafted an argument for where the development of David Belle‘s invention fits in the realm of architectural theory.

I’ll probably end up touching on different parts of the work in separate posts later. I just wanted to get it up here so anyone that might want to talk about it/use it as a resource for their own research and plagiarize (flatter) me.

Parkour: The Evolution of the Disparate European Tradition

Warning: This is 38 pages of parkour.

[UPDATE: This is a VERY ROUGH, TRY-HARD blog post + essay from a recent college grad and I unfortunately don’t have the final anywhere. That said, since this has inexplicably been cited by real academics, I’ve just deleted everything else on the blog. I’m at if you guys have any questions. Thanks.]